Thursday, July 10, 2008


What's up bitches?!? I'm in Hamburg, my favorite city in the world! It's true. People are always asking me "What's your favorite city to spend time in? Tokyo? Paris? New York?" and I always answer Hamburg. Not only do I have good friends here but I love Germany.

Hamburg is lush with greenery, very clean, extremely organized (which we love) and has a relaxed friendly pace. Don't know how long I'll be here, I guess long enough to rest and let my back recover from all that backstage craziness. (Oh ya, I threw my back's not a cute look.)

In the meantime, we've just started our Paris men's coverage over at so check it out!


Anonymous said...

I love HH as well!x

Anonymous said...

you should visit Berlin

Frankfurt Fashion said...

you´re right. hamburg is really really great. people seems to be strange at the first moment, but for the second you see that they´re great!