Thursday, July 31, 2008


Okay, so I know Vanity Fair is suppose to be the "End-All" for all things elite, but evidently that doesn't apply to their own copy. I received an email this morning with a link to their "International Best-Dressed List" with "DOUCHE-BAGS" in the subject line. I have to say I agree. You should see how they've listed who and, more importantly, why they've chosen this years best.

MORLEY SAFER- Because he always plays it Safer.
ZAC GOLDSMITH- Because he’s solid Goldsmith.
BROTHERS ANDREA and PIETRO CLEMENTE- Because they’re the crème de Clemente.
LAPO ELKANN-Because he’s the Lapo of luxury.
KANYE WEST- Because, yes, he Kanye.
JULIA KOCH- Because Koch is the real thing.
DAVID BECKHAM Because he’s ab fab.
SYDNEY and CHARLES FINCH- Because they’re birds of a feather.
JULIAN SCHNABEL- Because he’s the cat’s pajamas.
COUNT MANFREDI DELLA GHERARDESCA-Because style still counts.
IRIS APFEL- Because she’s the Apfel of our eye.
BRYAN LOURD- Because he is the Lourd of the manner.
H.S.H. PRINCE HEINRICH VON UND ZU FÜRSTENBERG- Because we like Heinrich’s maneuvers.
MATT LAUER- Because he is an NBC peacock. (What?)

Click here if you think you can stomach more.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever take their best dressed lists seriously anyway? It's always a load of rubbish!

Anonymous said...

That list is irrelevant. Julian Schnabel? Kanye West? This is style for Vanity Fair?

Anonymous said...

Nonetheless--JD is right. It's high school writing. Maybe it's time for No Journalist Left Behind?

Chris said...

Well, aside from the Best-Dressed List... I don't understand what's Conde Nast's OBSESSION WITH CARLA BRUNI?!?! I decided not to extend my subscription to Vanity Fair because it's gradually turning into one-of-those-magazines with no real substance and importance. I'm tired of reading about Carla Bruni on the news... on Vogue... and now, on Vanity Fair!!!

Anonymous said...

This style list was total bullshit. They picked people that were in the public eye for being "different" rather than having good taste, and thought out ensembles. Whats happening to the industry!