Thursday, June 12, 2008

Party On

Okay, where was I? Oh Aruba! So the jig is up, I'm back in the Big Apple. The first two posts I did for Aruba were from my hotel room, but after two days on the beach I decided to give the ole' laptop a break.

With so much happening back in the city, I've decided to mix the Aruba footage in throughout the week. Which brings me to the second night which was a meet-and-greet between the models and judges. Some of the most hysterical queens the biz has to offer, with a few of my faves and several I had not yet met.

When they brought the models out we all felt like we were sitting in the middle of an ant farm. So many of them and all coming at us at once. They were all adorable. And eager. The party was held at a beautiful mansion complete with white tents, pool and DJ. We all threw down pretty hard...the kids danced by the pool and the party went late into the night. Total blast!

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Anonymous said...

whats thats tee shirt the hot shaved head guy is wearing? i love it!