Monday, June 16, 2008


My little buddy Kiko introduced me to the cutest blog the other night. It's...well, for lack of a better word, titillating. Not in a perverted way. More artistic. It's like running in to Hedi Slimane on Dudetube and not just beautiful photographs but music art and illustration.

Though I'm not exactly sure what makes someone a Kraut Boy or what he even does, I can only surmise with Pelayo's face plastered on the page with "#1 Kraut Boy" next to it, it has something to do with cute boys and fun. I love it.


..... said...

hey thanks JD :! im one of the guys behind Krautboys !! so cute :!! u already made a post about my blog and now it's about Krautboys !! thanks man !! let's work together ::!

yibram palacios said...

ilove krautboys