Monday, June 16, 2008

The Day After

Back to Aruba! So the day after the meet-and-greet between the models and judges, we were all in pretty bad shape. Those of us that made it out of our rooms managed to crawl out onto the beach for some sun before hitting the competition that night. Played with Armani Exhange's Matthew Scrivens (J'adore) and Nicholas Lemons who was down for a little R&R (and this year's celebrity judge, as far as I was concerned). Definite highlight.

The low-point of the day was chasing New York Models' Steven Bermudez (who was a lot of fun) around the island trying to get him to flirt with me. No matter how much charm I threw his way, he would not relent. Little biotch. Kwok was there but he was NOT feeling the camera.


Anonymous said...

straight boys with too many tattoos always try to look so tough. They're all just marshmellows inside. I can make some smores with him

Anonymous said...

What a fool. You can do better JD

yibram palacios said...

iMiss beach...iNeed beach