Monday, June 2, 2008

I don't have an image here, just an update. Remember my computer crashed the first day of fashion week back in February? Well, I lost all of the files for my website (there I said it.) I've been okay with not updating it the past few months because, honestly, I don't know if anyone was even looking at since starting this blog. I'm thinking it's a sign and probably time for me to do a new format anyways, something with flash and movement I guess. So yes, I am aware my site is down and if there are any young talented graphic designers out there (NYC) who are interested in helping me put together a new site (Dreamweaver or something), I'm down. Oh and you don't have to be young, just eager for something to do.

UPDATE- OMG! Guess what? After writing this post about my website being down, and spending the weekend on the phone with Apple, it's back! Sweet Mother of Jesus! Thanks to everyone for the emails and comments offering to help!


Giuseppe Santamaria said...

Hi JD,

My name is Giuseppe Santamaria and I am a graphic designer based in Toronto. I interned for V Magazine last year and currently run I am very interested in helping you out with your site, you can check out some of my work at

I look forward to hearing from you!


travis said...

jd- email me. I will send you link to my work.


E said...

hey jd,
would you be interested in working with a designer from abroad? i'm a multimedia designer in south east asia =) dont worry about timezone and such, i'm always up at odd hours .

Anonymous said...

something to do? or somone to do???? he likes them young!