Wednesday, May 14, 2008


New York has been crazy for me this week! Parties, shoots, boys..insane. I stopped by Women the other day, camera crew and all, to snap some shots of the shirts that were done with Lacoste for Visionaire 54: Sport. They're amazing but unfortunately not available until the fall.

Heather Marks and Suzanne Diaz were there and after choosing their favorites we went up on the roof and played around. The staircase at Women is illuminated with a sky-box so I snapped a couple shots on the way up. Heather is a riot, I always love seeing her.

Afterwards I sat with Suzanne, who I love! I get the best pics of her backstage at Ralph and always assumed (because she's so quiet and demure like so many of the Brazilian girls) that she was latin. I was so shocked to find out that she was a ballerina from Connecticut that I decided to hangout for a little Q&A.


Anonymous said...

Suzanne Diaz wasn't just a ballerina..she was an exceptional dancer:)

Anonymous said...

...and where's all the things you're talking about? Pictures on the roof? Pictures on the way up to the roof? We need more pictures, and you also need to make them that we can admire your amazing hair. You have the coolest hair, JD...and sexy legs.
Woo hoo for Heather. She's the best.

veritas said...

its cool to see heather marks,wheres she been lately jd?,and i hope to see more suzanne too!

Anonymous said...

U look so cute there JD:)