Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Andres V

Spotted by Inez and Vinoodh while standing at the water cooler over at V, Andres Valencoso has not only become somewhat of a muse for the fashion duo but has reached superstar status in the industry. Why? Well for any of you who happen to see the shots the three of them did for Arena Homme Plus a few years back, you know, he is all man. Which, these days, in a sea of waifs means something. In every interview I've ever done and been asked who my dream subject to shoot would be, I always answer Andres. What a hunk. Too bad he's scared of me.


alterego said...

His name is AndrĂ©s Velencoso, no Valencosa. He´s great, really cool and handsome!
I love your blog.

SurveysCenter Group. said...


Claire Fisher said...

How could anyone be scared of you? You are too sweet & kind.


Anonymous said...

Claire, you speak with girlish naivete. JD is a maneater! Sweet and kind, yes, but he knows the word c*ck in like five languages. That can be scary. In a good way.

Daniela Vesco said...

oh my god i love andres! the tattoo on his chest makes me wish my name was Lucia. hot hot hot.