Friday, May 30, 2008

Guess Who

Guess who came to see me the other day? I'll give you a hint, he's MAJOR!

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Sharon Stone

So Sharon Stone was over in Cannes flappin' her twat about how she thinks the earthquake in China is the country's karma biting them in the ass for their treatment of the Tibetans and her friend the Dalai Lama. Dior pulled all their advertising from the region and issued an official statement distancing themselves from her insensitive remarks.

Whatever. If you're someone who goes around telling people that you're friends with the Dalai Lama, then you're someone who goes around talking about karma. Especially an actress. LA's filled with actors sittin' around talking about karma, that's all they do. And anyways that's her opinion. Of course her timing could not have been any worse and she might try laying off the bottle next time before hitting the red carpet.

And if China is gonna get all bent out of shape when someone speaks out about it's communist ways, then they shouldn't go around killing Tibetans.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Girls Girls Girls

My desktop is such a mess! So much, that in hopes of trashing a few un-needed images, I came across these shots of two of my faves backstage. FROM FEBRUARY! (Just to give you an idea of how many images I've got lying around.) Parties, porn, backstage,'s insane the amount of un-used content I've got that never sees the light of day. Trentini where are you!?!

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Stacey Mark

OMG, you can just about meet anyone anywhere in this city. Saturday morning I crept into the corner deli out here in Brooklyn for a coffee and pack of smokes and I met photographer Stacey Mark. And her cute dog. We chatted for a bit and then I logged on to her site. And who should I see but one of my all-time faves Juliette Lewis doing a back-bend in a pair of heels. Stacey has worked with Steven Klein and served as Photo Director for Nylon. Her work is predominantly girls (since I'm always pushing boys) and ranges from editorially beautiful to fun shots of young actresses. Check it out!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Up? Simon Nessman

With a pedigree that reads like a who's-who of the world's top photographers Simon Nessman, with less than a year under his belt, has shot with Bruce Weber, Hedi Slimane, Mario Testino, Steven Klein, Willy Vanderperre, Alisdair McLellan and Paolo Roversi. And over half of those were within his first four months of entering the business. The half that counts.

With my "Kanner-imposed" restraining order lifted, upon Simon's recent eighteenth birthday, I finally got my turn. So beautiful this kid.
"Whenever I work with him I feel like a 16 yr. old girl..all I wanna do is stare in to his eyes and listen to Bronski Beat," says one stylist. "If he were a girl he'd be a supermodel," emails another. It's comforting to know I don't stand alone in my obsession.

I first met Simon on the subway returning from a day of shooting in Coney Island. I had been hearing quite a bit about him but it wasn't until he stepped onto the train, surfboard and all, that I finally got what all the hype was about. Not only is he beautiful to look at but refreshingly down-to-earth. And sorta like a little puppy.

So What Up Simon?

JD Ferguson: So Simon.
Simon Nessman: Yes JD.
JD: Have you ever seen any of the coverage I've done on you?
SN: Ya, I'm familiar with your work.
JD: Are you completely horrified that this perverted photographer is always going on about how cute you are?
SN: It's not something that bothers me, I'm not easily scared.
JD: Well good. And I guess I should explain myself a bit. My obsession with you is more from a professional standpoint, really. It's more about the perfection of your face, which I know must seem incredibly shallow, but for me (and countless others) your beauty is somewhat classic and a bit iconic.
SN: Well I recognize the fact that it's an obsession for you [laughs] and I can appreciate where your coming from. At least its a healthy obsession.

JD: Have you adjusted to being referred to as "beautiful?" Are you someone whose thought of yourself that way?
SN: I like to think that beauty comes from within but certainly being in this industry where your bone structure tells more about you than your character, it can be difficult to not be conscious of how you look.
JD: I realize it seems like a weird question. I've just always found it fascinating how someone can be plucked from obscurity and thrown in to a world of being "Ooh-ed and Ahh-ed" at and suddenly told they are beautiful. Maybe not everyone grew up hearing that and unless your comfortable with yourself I think it would be daunting for some.
SN: I agree.
JD: You're from Canada.
SN: British Columbia.
JD: And your how old?
SN: 18.
JD: Did you always want to be a model or how did it happen for you?
SN: I never really thought about it until the sister of a good friend from high school became a scout for Mode models and asked me if she could take a couple snap shots to send off. Everything sort of took off from there.
JD: Boy did it. You've shot with Bruce, Hedi, Mario, Paolo Roversi, Willy Vandepere, Alisdair McLellan and Steven Klein. And most of those were within your first four months. Eight months in to it have you realized how spectacular that is?
SN: Ya, I certainly don't take any of it for granted and I realize there are a lot of kids out there trying for those opportunities. And yes I am very appreciative and grateful for it all.
JD: So how is it all going for you? You just shot Givenchy, are you loving your life at this point?
SN: Definitely, modeling affords you many opportunities...the traveling, the people you meet. It's not necessarily the industry itself but the lifestyle it provides.
JD: Well how crazy that I had been seeing and hearing about you and then I step on to a subway coming back from shooting in Coney Island and there you were. Is surfing your thing?
SN: I love surfing. I was in the water a lot more when I first moved to NY.
JD: Where do you get water in the city?
SN: Out at Rockaway beach. I take the train out there in my spare time or up to Long Beach.
JD: Do you have a girlfriend?
SN: I don't.
JD: Do you go out?
SN: I'm not heavy in to the clubs by any means. I have a good group of friends in the city that I have fun with.
JD: How often do you get back home?
SN: Not very. Last time I was home was for Christmas and then I was off to Europe for shows. I've been traveling ever since.
JD: Are there any favorite jobs that stand out in your mind?
SN: D&G because I got to work with friends while I was in LA shooting.
JD: Isn't Mario fun?
SN: He's a lot of fun. He's a really cool guy.
JD: Do you prefer shows or being on set?
SN: I think I like being on set because its a little more laid back and there's more time for conversation and actually getting to know the people your working with.
JD: Have you made a lot of friends in the industry?
SN: Ya, I think naturally when your surrounded by people in the industry they become a large part of your social network.
JD: So what turns you on?
SN: Sports.
JD: What do you play?
SN: Basketball, a lot of board sports..surfing, snowboarding. Music is a large part of my life
JD: How so?
SN: Well for starters I love listening to music that inspires me and I play the guitar.
JD: Are u good?
SN: I'm alright, it's just a hobbie.
JD: What kind of music do you listen to?
SN: Just about anything that matches my mood. I like the Chilli Peppers, Sublime, Radiohead, Modest Mouse.
JD: What do you do in your spare time?
SN: Being that I'm taking time off from school I try to spend as much time as I can keeping my brain working. Although it obviously won't replace a formal education altogether. Reading good books and writing down my thoughts is a good start. Also New York is such an amazing place that I'm really trying to soak up as much as I can from the city itself. I spend a fair amount of time sitting on park benches watching the craziness unfold.
JD: Alright, well we're both tired and I think I've stared at you long enough. I hope you don't mind me always going on about how cute you are.
SN: No problem queen. I'll see you backstage.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day y'all! I spent the night over at Hiro with two of New York's fiercest. (Well, three if you count Erich Conrad, though she was nowhere to be found.) DJ Honey Dijon and the fabulous Andre J. I knew when I heard the password for the VIP was "my stinky hole" I was in for a night but I had no idea what Honey had in store. I was completely blown away.

The best part of the night was the debut of the video the two of them had done with Marco Ovando, which played on a large screen several times throughout the night. The queens went crazy watching the two of them gyrate in front of a large flag, mixed with hot boys and cool graphics. I stood riveted for a solid ten minutes in hopes of snagging a clear shot. Check out the video. I't s MA-JAH!

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Okay Okay

So I've been reading online about what a "tease" I am with my photos and received tons of emails and comments about why the pics on my blog are so small. Why I didn't post more of Tyler, "What magazine will his nudes run in?" and "Did we shoot frontal nudity?" And yes I am just as frustrated with not being able to post larger images as you are.

Here's the deal. Because I selected the "three column" template for this blog, unfortunately the photos cannot be any larger than 320 in width, which is tiny, I know.
Yes, I guess I could post them at a higher-res, but the problem with that is I'm usually rushing on here and higher-res images clog up the program which makes for very long uploads. This can be extremely time consuming when doing multiple images, but yes, moving forward I will try and do higher-res images.

As far as Tyler goes, I am not withholding information as to the fate of his images. Unsatisfied with the terms of the original proposal, we are now deciding on which magazine is most appropriate and at this point the destination is unknown. Where Tyler's nudes will run, if at all, is a sensitive issue and careful consideration must be given to their placement as he is a professional model and, well, we all know how male nudity is received in the States and we must be careful in how we choose to display them. I promise as soon as something is known, you will be the first to know! And yes we shot full-frontal.

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Denise Richards

Did y'all catch Denise Richards on Larry King Live the other night? She's hit the talk-show circuit promoting her new show on E and my knee-jerk reaction was something like, "Ugh...Denise Richards." And then I realized all I've ever known about her is what I've heard in the media. So I tuned in. And you know what? I like her.

I don't know if it's because I'm perpetually for the underdog or because she seemed rational and level-headed when stating her case, but she didn't strike me as sketchy or evil at all. Certainly not a bad person or dishonest. I thought she was your average single mom, raising two kids, coping with a public divorce with America hating her through it all.

And poor her. You know the whole time she was dealing with being vilified in the press her mother was dying of cancer? I can't imagine how awful that would be. And like Charlie Sheen's a saint? Lets remember there are two sides to every story and isn't the motto in this country "innocent until proven guilty?" Actually, is she even on trial?
I think she deserves a break.

Of course hearing she's a sucker for a big dick totally won me over.

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V A Model

The three finalists for VMAN's "V A Model" contest are out in LA, as we speak, shooting the next cover with Hedi Slimane. This is 19 yr. old Petey from Tennessee and I can guarantee Hedi will get beautiful shots on him. I can easily see this kid in Europe doing shows if not booking campaigns.

Kick up the yumm-factor and you get my second choice, AJ, from Ohio, who I think is precious!

And lastly, this little guy, Adam from Alabama. Cute kid.

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Cecilia Dean

Whassup sucka?

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Burberry Prorsum

Yes, to those of you who emailed asking if the coats I shot on the beach were Burberry Prorsum.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Joe Lally

Joe Lally shot Nicolas from Public Image for WestEast Magazine. Cute pic.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


V53 is out! Two separate covers of Gwenyth by Mario Sorrenti.

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Happy Birthday

Hey! Lawrence Stiers! Happy belated birthday!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I shot a spread for V53 down in Miami. The idea was to shoot two guys on the beach, to one side of the frame, and then the Summer's "hottest picks" would be layed out over the page. This was my pick. If you click below you can see my other choices and the one they chose.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Tyler Lough

Who knew that after getting on my "I never shoot models nude" soapbox last week, I'd run in to one of my favorite boys to shoot, the same day I got a request for some nudes for a magazine. Non-American magazine that is. And I could not think of a better person for the job than Tyler Lough, who I shot last year as a new face. Having just returned from Japan, he was just as enthusiastic about shooting (with someone that speaks English) as I was about being asked to do nudes.

We shot loads of different scenarios, too many to choose one or two to post here, and so much that I've not yet finished editing all the film. And having just shot with Bruce Weber for his American-banned watercolor book for Abercrombie, Tyler is completely comfortable being naked and didn't mind hanging out and being photographed all day. I love Tyler Lough! And not just because he's great to look at but because he's easy-going and a really nice guy.

Unfortunately I can't show you any of the film, but take my word for it we got beautiful shots.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Ali Michael

I've been asked my thoughts on the Ali Michael saga (that and Louie from DNA) several times this week and here's my two cents. I've spent quite a bit of time with Ali and her wonderful mother Mary Ann backstage and she is one of the coolest and most grounded women I have ever met. I've even written quite a bit about her and how much she reminds me of my own mom back in Texas.

I attribute Ali's confidence and courage to her upbringing. Having a complete and full life (outside of fashion) it is no surprise to me that if any of the girls were going to speak out about their experience in the biz in the hopes of making a positive change it would be Ali. Which is her right!

I applaud Ali for coming forward and understand fully that she is less concerned with the future of her modeling career or pointing the finger at an industry whose current aesthetic requires young girls to starve themselves, or even because she had an "off season" (as some have suggested.) But more wanting to make a difference before returning to her life as a young intelligent girl from Dallas whose family supports her every move and loves her no matter what.

Don't worry about Ali Michael y'all. She's solid.

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So I'm finally interested in who Marc Jacobs is banging, now that he went and got himself a real man. Nice to see I'm not the only one that appreciates a good Brazilian.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dior Resort Wear

I am loving these off-season fashion shows. Like shooting Dior's resort wear uptown at Gaustivino's the other night. None of this chain-smoking and double espresso's that usually get me through the stress of fashion week. The calmness was surreal, as was shooting "French fashion" in New York City. I didn't stick around for a shot of Galliano, but I did catch up with Flavia, who was so fabulous in Leopard print I kept expecting her to Purrrr...

Everyone was so chill and relaxed except of course for the gal who was handling the PR. She kept trying to throw me out because it was "just so cramped back here." Meanwhile the place was huge. I'm convinced it was her first time backstage at a Fashion show and I've accepted that in New York everyone's gotta feel important and have something to say. No worries though, cause Tanya D made it all better. We always have fun and seeing her reminds me of my first season backstage.

Of course the best part of the evening was, as usual, mama Pat McGrath; whose make-up still blows my mind. The girls looked amazing and not only could I listen to Pat's voice instructing her team all night long but I think she may be the first person yet to actually ALMOST convince me of joining Facebook. All and all it was a fun night.

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Electric Youth

My little buddy Kiko is always going on about his friend Luis Venegas back home in Barcelona, who single-handedly puts out Fanzine 137. I was thrilled to recently meet him, via the web, and I hope to work with him in the future. I'm loving his new mag Electric Youth.

The art direction is fresh, the content is fun, and it's loaded with cute Spanish boys! Most of whom Kiko knows. I'll be headin' to Spain soon and don't think I'm not gonna make that little biotch hook me up.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


New York has been crazy for me this week! Parties, shoots, boys..insane. I stopped by Women the other day, camera crew and all, to snap some shots of the shirts that were done with Lacoste for Visionaire 54: Sport. They're amazing but unfortunately not available until the fall.

Heather Marks and Suzanne Diaz were there and after choosing their favorites we went up on the roof and played around. The staircase at Women is illuminated with a sky-box so I snapped a couple shots on the way up. Heather is a riot, I always love seeing her.

Afterwards I sat with Suzanne, who I love! I get the best pics of her backstage at Ralph and always assumed (because she's so quiet and demure like so many of the Brazilian girls) that she was latin. I was so shocked to find out that she was a ballerina from Connecticut that I decided to hangout for a little Q&A.

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Bryton Munn

I shot the cutest boy the other day! His name is Bryton, he's 21 and from the UK.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rogan for Target

I shot Rogan's launch party for Target up at Barney's last week. It was a total blast and the last place I expected to see so many cute guys, starting with his partner Scott Hahn. Met Julie Gilhart (officially) who is lovely, caught up with Leigh Lezark and that crazy bitch Thomas Onorato, who I think is so fierce. The place was packed and I don't know if it was Benjamin Cho spinning or the copious amounts of bubbly but the girls were going ape-shit for the clothes.

The highlight of the evening for me though was not Diane Kruger or meeting Amanda Peet (who is AMAZING) but the cutest cameraman EVER named Robin. He's from Switzerland and I couldn't keep my eyes off him all night. In fact, me and a couple of my favorite girls from La Force and Stevens were taking bets on who would get his number first. How cute is he?

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