Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I got an email from one of my favorite people the other day, James Tinnelly. Formerly of Supreme, now at Women. It said, "I had a baby!" And did he ever. A big flashy chatty one.

Though not in diapers, this toddler takes the form of Women's new blog and u
nlike what we get from most (I get the sense James has been wanting to do this for awhile,) Women gives you far more than updates on who's shot what. I'd say it's more a venue for all things Tinnelly, really.

With everything from exhibitions and interviews to local weather conditions to a six year old ballerina who stops by the agency to show her new moves to the staff and give shout-outs to Maria Carla Bosconi.

And yes of course there's news on the girls. What would an agency blog be without models? And what I especially like is that I get to read about so many of my favorites.

for French Vogue, behind-the-scenes with Natasha Poly and David Lynch, Georgina Stojiljkovic on the cover of Numero and my favorite model with dog. The list goes on.

Well done James and welcome to the blogosphere!


Anonymous said...

nice to see james is writing for your blog. cause u so didnt write this.

Anonymous said...

women rocks.