Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tortuga Bay Day 1

Up at the crack of dawn (which is near impossible for me these days) to meet the crew, who are so great. Nothing like a bunch of cool New Yorkers, after a month in Miami, to remind you how the world is suppose to function. I was happy to see that my "wife" for the week would be Viki Scudiery who I shot my first cigarette campaign with in Central Park years ago and is an absolute joy.

We shot in the home of famed interior decorator Bunny Williams whose neighbors include Oscar de La Renta, Baryshnikov and Julio Iglesias. But my favorite of the day would be a villa built on a cliff complete with private man made beach and a pool that surrounds the entire property. I didn't wanna leave.

In true New York fashion we accomplished more in three hours than a whole days work with some crews. We rode horses, golfed and walked romantically on the beach (between print and video crews) all before 10 am and then shot around the island the rest of the day. The crew was so great the day whizzed by. Stylist Stefanie Shoemaker turned out to be a pro with my point-and-shoot so get ready to see A LOT of pics. Tomorrow though, I'm about to pass out.

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Anonymous said...

Is that you on the horse?