Thursday, May 1, 2008

Support Our Gays

Back in the Fall I got a call from Mickey Boardman asking if I'd pop by and grab a shot of these two young Soap stars from "As The World Turns." Apparently they were apart of a gay storyline that had been causing a lot of controversy and Paper wanted to celebrate their work. Well now, in support of actors Van Hansis and Jake Silberman, I'm doing the same.

No I'm not a Soap fan or even a gay-rights activist for that matter but having met these guys I quickly realized they were more than just starving straight actors taking up a cause in hopes of advancing their careers. But rather commited thespians taking their roles and work very seriously. I was impressed with their dedication and pride in being able to make a difference in people's lives. And believe me they do.

Would you believe after the photo I snapped of the two of them ran I actually received emails from all over the world thanking me and some even requesting a copy as "images such as this" do not run in their countries? Seriously.

Well, it turns out yet another god-loving group of hate mongers (so 70's) have stomached their last on-screen kiss and are trying to pull the plug. You know, the ole "We'll call the advertiser and threaten to stop buying their product" routine. Well guess what? It works both ways.

Just because I think people should be able to love and kiss who they choose and examples of this freedom of choice should not be excluded from the media, doesn't mean I don't buy Proctor & Gamble products myself. So I took 30 seconds out of my day to call and let them know. And you should too!

It's SO easy! All you do is dial 1-800-331-3774 and press a button. You don't have to talk to anyone or give your name or social security number or email address or any of that garbage. Rings three times, a machine says something, "yes" or "no", your done.

Do it! And for all you "Luke and Noah" fans out there in Sweden, Zimbabwe and Moscow, here's a party shot of the two of them from a fun night out in NYC.


mateus said...

Viva la revolucion!

Anonymous said...

Ah...thats so sweet JD. said...

I'd love to post a copy of that pic on m blog... have any a bit larger? Like 450 pixels wide? I'll quote from and link back to this post.