Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Unfortunately I've been watching a lot of television here in Miami, which I've decided is the worst thing for you. Especially the news, my god. Bodies are being found buried in backyards, children are being removed from polygamist camps, gas prices have skyrocketed, politics are at an all time low and six little assholes in Florida (for the sake of YouTube) ambushed and beat a fellow cheerleader so bad she actually lost her vision and hearing. Has the whole country gone mad?


Matt said...

yeah and dr. phil bailed her out in order to get rights to talk about the whole youtube video on his show with her, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I avoid the news at all cost:)

Anonymous said...

They should throw the book at those kids.I was-as you would say- "disgusted" when I heard. Do you know they made jokes and laughed afterwards?

Dr.Phil bailing one out to appear on his show is horrendous.