Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kyle Carlson

Holy shit! So I'm watchin' some queen yammer on about the color of a wall and a tacky chandelier last-night on HGTV and out steps Kyle Carlson! Of hot twin model fame (on the left) Kyle Carlson. Turns out the "Lead Handyman" plays co-host to decorator Vern Yip who has this show called Deserving Design. Why am I always the last to know these things? I LOVE the Carlson's. They're as humble as they are beautiful and just genuinely nice guys. Good for you Kyle!


Anonymous said...

I agree,I agree,I agree!

Anonymous said...

I've seen the show..he's quite good:)

RJP3 said...

Anyone know if the other Carlson twin lives in Cambridge MA ?

.... if not he has another "twin" that takes night classes at Harvard.

See him walking to class quite often.

Diver Dave said...

The show lives up to its new name: HOT GUYS TV. Hunks all over the place.

Pretty Kyle seemed a bit shy and reticent at first, but warmed up and finally said a few lines. His biceps gave him away under his T-shirt arms, but his jeans weren't a bit revealing.

Should he should get some acting lessons and he'd surpass BP, the all time great!