Friday, May 2, 2008

Kerry Degman

Look who's on the cover of Tetu. Kerry Degman! And wait til you see the pics! Randall Mesdon did a great job and I love that Kerry enjoys showing off his hot little bod. And why shouldn't he?

Back a hundred years ago when I was ripped-up and going to the gym twice a day, I used to love shooting body stuff and YES nude. Not only was a high percentage of my work shooting underwear (which in Europe is considered "lingerie" and twice the day rate) but I "got it."

With so much stigma surrounding male nudity in this business, it's nice to see a model who is comfortable enough in his skin to appreciate the beauty in what so many legendary photographers and great models from days gone by have understood. And I ain't talkin about a bunch of naked jock-boys running around on the beach with labs.

Contrary to belief, for me anyways, it's less about trying to get a model naked and more about creating beautiful, or in this case, playful images. Showing a little skin adds an element that you just can't get all suited up. It's a dying art and I'm loving Kerry Degman for, whether he realizes it or not, encouraging it's return.

I never shoot models naked, unless they want me to. Otherwise what's the point? They can't use it in their books and if I wanted to get laid I'd just call up a porn star or shoot any of the guys that pass through my pad weekly. Besides unless your shooting for a European mag it's never gonna see the light of day so why bother?

I opened these images with a girlfriend sitting over my shoulder. "Oh my god!" she said, "He's a model and he got naked?" Her reaction struck me as so odd and then I remembered that's the climate in fashion these days towards male nudity. Well actually, not just in fashion but every aspect of the American media. Nudity shmudity...what's the big deal anyways?

Great job guys!


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indicatoto101 said...

"if I wanted to get laid I'd just call up a porn star"

You're pimpin' JD.

MR style said...

what a cool post !!! honestly im not talkin about the model :) hahaha...but the content is really interestin and i guess we should read more stuffs like that in order to change people's minds

Anonymous said...

there's are more sexed up images now in advertising and magazines then ever...and male models are really being sexed up. I love it. there's no new "fashion" so causing reaction with a bit of nudity sells. It will have it's moment then it will fade abit...and happen again. As long as the image is beautiful and the model is comfortable then great!

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i agree. the human body is a form of art. male and female. not just a sex tool.

Anonymous said...

i'd love to see pics of miro moreira like that.