Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Photographic duo EXU is made up of friend and ex-co-worker Mitchell Healey and his buddy Angus Watson. We were slaves of fashion together over at V. In fact, he was one of my favorite things about V!

I'm so glad he's not only pursued his photography career but that I get to see his work from time to time, which for some reason feels like catching up with an old friend.
Some of you may remember EXU from the last VMAN. They turned out that cute agency story everybody loved.

They're also quite the little travelers. So when I heard they were down in Rio, I had to ask for some pics. Apparently they stumbled upon these life guards exercising out on the beach in Ipanema. Love 'em Mitch! Thanks.


Kellin said...

beautiful photos:)

MR style said...

oh i love the close-up on the butts with the sand !! it's so chic ! it could have been an ad for Gucci i guess or D&G

underneath said...

Great men - so aesthetic. With the wet trunks (I imagine), salt water and sand.