Friday, April 25, 2008


How disappointed am I? With so many inquiries about the porn star series lately, I thought I'd knock out some guys this week before leaving town. So I contacted a local porn company and pled my case.

The plan was (and I could not have been any clearer) to do two or three guys a day the first part of this week before heading back up to the city on Friday. Well of course it didn't happen. Fucking Miami. Everything is "manana" down here, which you know just does not work for a jumpy queen like me.

Lemme tell ya, I could handle my cable going out, my milk souring or even losing my hot water, but this? C'mon, you know I'm bitter. And you will be too once you see what I had lined up. You can check out the x-rated, which is where most of these guys are from, and see what I'm really upset about.

Hot local thug boys. How much fun would that have been? DAMN!


Bryanboy said...

i can picture it now.

JD Ferguson's 7-Guy Creampie Gangbang!

just promise me if you're gonna be in a porn flick you'll give me a job as a fluffer ok?

Anonymous said...

No. 2 and No. 4 all the way

Anonymous said...

LOL!! It's good to see you have your priorities straight JD!

Anonymous said...

JD, most of these guys jerk off, when they hit a spot and need cash, these aren't really porn stars, most of these guys (pictured) and from one layout and disappear.. the ones that stick around are not the super hot ones, and the other thing they change numbers as fast as they get them so management really has no control... check a popular escort site for the ones that have steady numbers and emails....

GB-NYC said...

Well, maybe next time you come to Orlando.
Speaking of this town, GAY DAYS are getting close.
This town will be packed with thugs.