Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I got an email from one of my favorite people the other day, James Tinnelly. Formerly of Supreme, now at Women. It said, "I had a baby!" And did he ever. A big flashy chatty one.

Though not in diapers, this toddler takes the form of Women's new blog and u
nlike what we get from most (I get the sense James has been wanting to do this for awhile,) Women gives you far more than updates on who's shot what. I'd say it's more a venue for all things Tinnelly, really.

With everything from exhibitions and interviews to local weather conditions to a six year old ballerina who stops by the agency to show her new moves to the staff and give shout-outs to Maria Carla Bosconi.

And yes of course there's news on the girls. What would an agency blog be without models? And what I especially like is that I get to read about so many of my favorites.

for French Vogue, behind-the-scenes with Natasha Poly and David Lynch, Georgina Stojiljkovic on the cover of Numero and my favorite model with dog. The list goes on.

Well done James and welcome to the blogosphere!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've never seen so much ridiculousness in my life. Seriously. Like, isn't there a war going on?

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Daniel Broitman

The cutest boy on South Beach these days is, hands down, Brazilian Daniel Broitman. I've had two months to shoot him and never found the time, and I'm totally kicking myself! I've gotta squeeze him in before heading back up to the city Thursday because this squinty-eyed shot with my point-and-shoot does not do him justice. And he's SO sweet.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama Smackdown

Clinton challenged Obama to a one-on-one debate last week. No moderators, just the two of them getting down to the facts and discussing the issues. He declined.

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Made In Brazil

I totally forgot about these shots I did backstage at Oscar for Juliano over at Made In Brazil. He loves getting shout outs from Brazil's best and the girls were excited to send some love back home. Raquel, Trentini, Flavia, Bruna, Caroline Ribeiro and Isabeli.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

DJ Karl

How fierce is this? Karl making a guest appearance as a DJ in a video game. I had heard he was doing this awhile ago but totally forgot until I came across this image online. I remember once he was going to play a villain in a Bond movie. He's sorta made for stuff like this, no?

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How disappointed am I? With so many inquiries about the porn star series lately, I thought I'd knock out some guys this week before leaving town. So I contacted a local porn company and pled my case.

The plan was (and I could not have been any clearer) to do two or three guys a day the first part of this week before heading back up to the city on Friday. Well of course it didn't happen. Fucking Miami. Everything is "manana" down here, which you know just does not work for a jumpy queen like me.

Lemme tell ya, I could handle my cable going out, my milk souring or even losing my hot water, but this? C'mon, you know I'm bitter. And you will be too once you see what I had lined up. You can check out the x-rated, which is where most of these guys are from, and see what I'm really upset about.

Hot local thug boys. How much fun would that have been? DAMN!

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Pacific Standard

If you are an LP-lovin, flea-market-goin, beer-drinken, Brooklyn-liven straight guy OR your just looking for a good read, check out my buddy Strath Shepard's blog. Strath is a very talented graphic designer who lives out in Fort Greene with his beautiful wife Emily. He is also responsible for re-vamping the V site as well as creating my website and jump-starting my V blog. I miss working with him and I look forward to keeping tabs on him via the web. Hey big guy!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kyle Carlson

Holy shit! So I'm watchin' some queen yammer on about the color of a wall and a tacky chandelier last-night on HGTV and out steps Kyle Carlson! Of hot twin model fame (on the left) Kyle Carlson. Turns out the "Lead Handyman" plays co-host to decorator Vern Yip who has this show called Deserving Design. Why am I always the last to know these things? I LOVE the Carlson's. They're as humble as they are beautiful and just genuinely nice guys. Good for you Kyle!

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For all of you out there who, like myself, love the sound of Kate Moss's voice, SHOWstudio is now running a short film which features the style icon reading a poem that was written on-set by British poet Roddy Lumsen.

The film is meant to accompany the story she and Nick Knight did last December for
V52. Knight used 35 individual cameras from 360 degrees, capturing Kate frozen in time and space, morphing into Day-Glo flowers and back into herself over the course of sixty seconds.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The 90's were all about Supermodels, Gianni Versace and the one and only Oribe. Responsible for some of our most iconic images from that time, Oribe's magical touch is legendary. I got to work with him a couple weeks ago and I was in awe the entire time. He's been my neighbor for years, I never imagined I'd some day be on set with him!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Photographic duo EXU is made up of friend and ex-co-worker Mitchell Healey and his buddy Angus Watson. We were slaves of fashion together over at V. In fact, he was one of my favorite things about V!

I'm so glad he's not only pursued his photography career but that I get to see his work from time to time, which for some reason feels like catching up with an old friend.
Some of you may remember EXU from the last VMAN. They turned out that cute agency story everybody loved.

They're also quite the little travelers. So when I heard they were down in Rio, I had to ask for some pics. Apparently they stumbled upon these life guards exercising out on the beach in Ipanema. Love 'em Mitch! Thanks.

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Just Jr

So here's a little update for all of you on what's been happening with the young graphic designer I discovered online last year. Jamie from the UK? In addition to running his very own online magazine Just Jr (which rivals the pages of some of today's hottest fashion mags), he's not only working on layouts for, but has come out with his own line of fashionable T's.

So talented this kid. Seventeen years old and he's already multi-tasking with the best of us. Click here to check out his line and you MUST see his chic online magazine.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Colin B

One upside to being down in Miami has been all the cute Abercrombie boys that are runnin' around. They're everywhere! This is Colin. He's 19, with Irene Marie and he's from out West. Very cool kid.

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Good Exposure

I met the funnest girl last month! Her name is Daniela Vesco and she's spunky as hell. She's a young photographer living in Paris, kissing cute boys and having the time of her life. She started a blog called Good Exposure. It's young and fresh and everything a blog should be. And I couldn't agree more with her "Remember, if bouncers were any smarter they'd be wrestlers" comment. That goes for backstage security as well. Check it out!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Im Home

Well, back in Miami anyways. After a horrendous day of travel filled with long lines, annoying children kicking the back of my seat and loads of turbulence, I finally made it. Thanks to my foolproof technique for combating motion sickness.

Here's the trick. If when you encounter turbulence you focus your gaze on the wing of the plane it becomes as if there's no turbulence at all. Seriously. I've even tested it. There's something about being able to see the bumpiness that allows your body to anticipate the movement, as opposed to being at the mercy of, what feels like, a 500 ton metal aircraft spiraling out of control. I'm telling you, it works.

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Tortuga Bay Day 2

I got bupkis for Day 2. Unfortunately with my "Wonder Crew" wrapped and headed back up to New York, today was all about the video portion of the job with a different crew. Two other models arrived last night, so they were stuck with the 6am call time, while Viki and I slept in and then lounged by the pool sipping virgin daiquiri's until our driver showed up at 3pm to take us to set.

Can you imagine me golfing? The client asked "Do you know how to golf JD?" I gave her my usual, "I despise golf but I know how to look like I know how to golf." Don't I look like I know what I'm doing?

Without the fabulous Stephanie covering all the behind-the-scenes action, my camera never even came out. So your getting all the shots from the first part of yesterday, today. And the second half of the day, at the houses, I added to yesterday's post. Ass-backwards, I know, there were just too many photos to do at one time.

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