Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Up? Dasha Usmanova

Several nights ago I was invited to a dinner for some charity. Well, actually, I was asked to shoot the event and then later surprised to learn I had a place at the table. And not just any place. Unbeknownst to me, I would be sitting next to European transplant and Russian heiress Dasha Usmanova. It was quite a night.

Right off of Vh-1's Fabulous Life Of, this girl, and she had me in stitches the entire night. Her yacht, her private jet, her Fendi furs...everything you'd want from a Russian princess hell-bent on taking a bite out of The Big Apple. And the bank account to make it happen. She was insane!

When she told me about the magazine she'd started (aptly titled Dasha in which she appears on every cover) I explained to her about my blog and that I thought we should do a "What Up?" She was thrilled at the idea, however after several attempts at making it happen, I had pretty much given up. Until one night, via texting, we managed to make it happen.

So What's Up Dasha?

JD: Hi Dasha! Whats up?
Dasha: Okay hi JD!!!
JD: How's life as an heiress? You know your officially the first Russian Princess I've met!
Dasha: I am amazing. Are you amazing?
JD: Yes its warm and beautiful and I've been out all day. And you? Last time we spoke you were sending me pics from your BB from your private jet. Which I thought was so...Dasha.
Dasha: So sorry JD, 2 secs, I am on a 3 way call....
JD: No worries..I'm trying to get laid online.

15 minutes and two spliffs later

Dasha: Sorry, things with Dasha very busy..I have had one crazy day.
JD: Really? Why?
Dasha: Well, flying through life in Dasha fast lane will make you tired, you know?
JD: What is Dasha fast lane like these days?
Dasha: You know, doing two charity events and closing new issue - plus trying to find perfect new outfit for dinner - this takes me longest.
JD: Oh I'm sure u have "nothing to wear"
Dasha: Not many options in this house.
JD: So how does one go about getting their father to let them start their own magazine?
Dasha: My Daddy always ask to spoil me and so this time I let him.
JD: Nice.
JD: So was it "Dasha Dasha Dasha" your whole life?
Dasha: No, thanks god!
JD: What charities are you working on?
Dasha: One event for Lou Gherig's disease, one for clean it.
JD: Has it been an easy transition in to the NY social circuit?
Dasha: It has been easy, is same in NYC as Moscow - cameras, carpets, charity - just warmer weather here. Same thing.
JD: Oh! Before we go any further, who was that hot guy you were with last time I saw you?
Dasha: Hahaha! My publicist.
JD: Just your publicist?
Dasha: One day I will wear him down!!!
JD: I'm sure. So how is the magazine coming then?
Dasha: It has been so amazing. Really successful. I am excited to expand the empire!!!
JD: Will u be bring Dasha to the states?
Dasha: My model is Vogue. I would love to make Italian Dasha, American Dasha, French Dasha. There is no international teen magazine. I think teenagers in world are becoming the same, and Dasha wants to be there.
JD: Actually that's very true.
Dasha: Thank you, it is my job to think this!
JD: Were you involved or always interested in the Mag world?
Dasha: Yes, always loved magazines before I could read.
JD: Or was it like yet another thing you wanted to do and what Dasha wants Dasha gets?
Dasha: Oh no no no jd - my vision of style and fashion must be shared, and so magazine business is what I do.
JD: Wow...I love a rich girl with a passion...So how will you stay cool this summer? Are u going to invite me on your boat?
Dasha: Which boat? I tease JD you are always welcome. But be careful, once you step on Dasha's yacht, you never leave!!
JD: Oh I don't plan on leaving:)
Dasha: Who are you JD, KGB? I can't always answer these crazy questions.
JD: Well HELLO! Honey! This is an interview.
Dasha: I know I know I know....I joke with you.
JD: So who are some of your favorite designers?
Dasha: I hope you have a few hours!
JD: Ya?
Dasha: Scratch that. I hope you have many hours!
JD: Well I got a fatty here with my name on it, so I have all the time in the world!
Dasha: Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen, Yoshi Yamamoto, BOB MACKIE!
JD: Bob Mackie!! OMG you're SO Bob Mackie! Like Bob Mackie with a twist of Versace.
Dasha: JD, I am now so in love with you even more!!! You are the best!! Thank you.
JD: Is it possible you could be MORE in love with me?
Dasha: But you know if you said I was like Princess Diana - she is my ultimate icon
JD: Minus the car crash.
Dasha: Worst thing in history. The world loses both philanthropist AND style icon in one woman.
JD: Did you respect her more for her fashion or charitable work?
Dasha: What are you, Sophie's Choice? No, I joke. I think her gift to world was timeless style (and hot sons.)
JD: Well you got that right.
Dasha: That is one three way call I would love!
JD: Def..Harry or William?
Dasha: William.
JD: Me too. Though I love a redhead.
Dasha: But Harry to party and have fun with.
JD: Fer sure. So have you found a place yet here in the city and where do you work on the magazine?
Dasha: Staying at family's place Uptown for now.
JD: And how will u divide your time between here and Russia?
Dasha: Hard to say where I work on magazine - even when I am walking down street, I am working.
JD: Wow! You're really in to it huh?
Dasha: Yes, inspiration is every place! Russia is always home.
JD: So have you always been a creative person? What's else excites you?
Dasha: Yes music. Oh JD wait must take call.

Ten Minutes pass

Dasha: So sorry about this JD.
JD: No worries, I'm very chill.
JD: So are you still planning on doing an album?
Dasha: I have million songs. Maybe one day I will record them....every time I shower I make a new song.
JD: Really?
Dasha: Yes JD! I told drunk were you?
JD: I don't drink.
Dasha: Oh, then how much you smoke? (and why not, calories?)
JD: Too much to recall...oy. No, not vanity, I was a horrible drunk. Rehab at 18...another at 21, 2 wrecked cars and 3 DUI's..not pretty.
Dasha: Live and learn.
JD: Amen sister.
Dasha: Oh please wait jd!

Ten more minutes

Dasha: So sorry JD! I must go!

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Claire said...

too funny. I could have kept reading if there was more. I want more!!!