Friday, March 28, 2008


My new MySpace is up! And if you've never seen it, brace yourself, it's SO gay! I know Facebook is all the rage right now but after the time and energy I spent on my MySpace, I can't be bothered. I designed the page specifically for hits and figured since it's mostly young girls and gays, I'd pimp it out with boys.

For months I've received emails from disgruntled MySpacer's demanding an update and figured since my Speedo story (and Pedro Bissi) went over so well, it was a perfect solution. Enjoy! And BIG up's to Michel Gaubert for the music!


ROBOTS said...

so sexy!


Matty said...

Love the song!!!
And facebook sucks, I don't want to be notified everytime someone says hi to one of their friends!!!

Pedro Gurgel said...

hi there. i love your blog..
and i have to sai something about the new male models, its over the muscle boys.. now the slim boys rules..

kisses from portugal