Thursday, March 6, 2008

Entao Ta Tranquilo

The weather has been such crap down here, so receiving an email from one of my favorite editors requesting something Brazilian was just what I needed to brighten my day. What better way to warm up than have the agencies send over all their hottest boys from down South? And of course anytime I do anything Brazilian I am sure to snap a shot for Juliano from Made In Brazil.

Entao Ta Tranquilo means "then that's fine" and was hand-written by Mateus Verdelho (Google him) who is the hottie on the far left. (You'll be seeing more of him). Joining him are Smailey Constantino, Rodrigo Calazans, Leandro Lima and Victor Pecoraro. All with Next Miami.


Anonymous said...

love you ;)

Anonymous said...

That boy is hot..shoot him..plz?