Friday, February 22, 2008

Ryan Pfluger

I was surfin' the web with my bong the other night and came across the most endearing blog. Unlike mine, which I have expressed the desire to turn in to more of a "traveling journal", 24 yr. old Brooklyn photographer Ryan Pfluger has done just that. With refreshing honesty.

Like a visual diary, Ryan chronicles his day-to-day life with commentary on everything from his favorite teacher to the hour he spent waiting to photograph Gus Van Sant. And if reading about the daily ins-and-outs of his life aren't enough, he loves a cute boy! Check out the Men I've Met series on his website. Which gave me a whole, "Why didn't I think of that?" moment. Can you imagine if I did a section of all the men I've met?

I love Ryan Pfluger! I think you should too.


MR style said...
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Lynn & Horst said...

i love his work
esp the self portraits

ryan pfluger said...

thank you so much sir, that is super sweet of you to say....
I very much appreciate it.

much love.


Bryanboy said...

I like his site...


OMG is that a peen???

underneath said...

I have posted his pictures several times aleready! A true artist.

cbkphotos said...

dude i love his work!
its both artistic and commercial!
and plus he went to my school! LOL