Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I've had FTV rollin' in the background all week which has been fun. It's nice to see the girls front of house for a change and see what went down on the catwalk in Milan, model-wise that is. So you had the big heavies...your Freja's and Coco's, Natasha's and Lilly's (who opened or closed every show she was in) and I guess even Vlada and Tanya D at this point, given the amount of shows they do.

Of course Suvi and Alana Zimmer are firmly established, with girls like Alyona, Olga Sherer, Magdalena, Maryna Linchuk and Kasia Struss clearly hitting their stride this season. Irina K has blossomed since I shot her at Prada two seasons ago, as has Siri Tollerod (who I love) and the ever present Kinga Rajzak. And let's not forget Hanne Gaby Odiele. As well as newcomers Ali Stephens, Georgina Stojilkovic, Serafima Vakulenko and Heidi Mount, who are off and running.

Lara Stone
, an occasional Stam, Aggy, Irina, Trentini (who donated all of her season earnings to charity) Snejana, Iekeliene and several guest appearances by Guenivere van Seenus, who dominated the catwalk in her day. And of course the Italians love them some Mariacarla Boscono.

But the breakout star of the season is clearly Karlie Kloss who, like Catherine McNeil, has shot right to the top and even made the cut at Versace. Edita, Agnete, Michaela and Anabela Belikova all had strong showings as did Daiane Conterato and Carolina Pantoliano whose careers it seems have slipped under the radar and get better each season. And of course it's still so great to see Isabeli Fontana back on the runway.

I have to admit I started this season a little deflated, seeing so many of my favorites dropping out and being replaced with a new crop of girls. I guess I naively assumed all the girls I started with backstage would be around forever. But with such a dynamic mix of young and old with so much variety, I'd say it just got interesting. Damn, looks like I picked the wrong season to skip Europe.


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i miss so much carmen kaas, natalia, gisele or daria werbowy !!? but where were there ?

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It tends to be cyclic though ... So in a few seasons all the oldies will bounce back after a makeover/name change/scandal etc... Just look at Isabeli, had 2 kids, taken time off, didn't really do shows for a while then the past couple of seasons she's been blazing ... But it seems the industry is losing it's big personalties year after year ...

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Karlie Kloss is from Elite here in Chicago (where i test), so so its very exciting to see all of this press on her. But what I don't understand, is why isn't she making top girls lists?

Ali and Chanel from her teen vogue cover are on the list. I think she deserves a spot, don't you?