Thursday, February 28, 2008

Greg Kessler

Everyone knows I have mad love for the backstage photographers. Not only do I respect what they do immensely, but there is no way my photography would be where it is today without the constant hand of these hardworking professionals. At the top of that list is's Greg Kessler which is why I was thrilled to see he started his own blog. It's called GoBackstage (which is genius) and I think it's so great that he's doing it.

I'm looking forward to hearing Greg's perspective on backstage. Not only has he been in the business a long time but he is liked by everyone, his pictures are seen all over the world and he's a lot of fun. Right now Greg is in Paris wrapping up four weeks of shooting (I can't believe those guys are still going), so look for lots to come from Greg in the weeks ahead. That is, after he gets back to New York and sleeps for about a week, I'm sure. Hey Greg!


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Anonymous said...

Greg is the best! Have you seen what he's done for Completely different than his other work.

Bryanboy said...

AHA! Now we know who's responsible for eating the models' food backstage. ;-)