Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Face: Luke Hogan

I've been crazy busy with castings and getting settled in to my new apartment I've had no time to shoot a few things V sent down last week. However yesterday I got a call saying they needed it back so I thought I'd better get on it. Barbara over at Ford sent over the most adorable boy.

His name is Luke Hogan. He's 6' 2, he's from Iowa and he's a lot of fun (think Ashton Kutcher). Most of what I shot on him was in the clothes so here's one I grabbed as we were heading to the beach. He's like Christian Bale, no?


Miss Jeffrey said...

Luke is amazing, I did some grooming/styling on him last year.

Anonymous said...

Totally Christian Bale!!

Anonymous said...

We need more MEN like him in fashion!