Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Models.com has been around forever! I remember 10 years ago I was bickering with my booker in Paris about whether or not a model was cute and she said "Well Models.com has him ranked as Top 10!!" There was a time they were the authority on all things model.

Well I'm happy to report, that time has returned. The site has undergone a complete face lift and not only have they updated their long-standing Top 50 list (much to the pleasure of bookers, wanna-be models and modelizers around the world), but in addition to their popular Of the Minute section they've started a blog called Daily Feed.

Great job guys! And
Betty I'll see you backstage!


Anonymous said...

well they kinda had to. no? it was so dated.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving it, so fresh and back to being all about the models

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Models.com

I check it all day everday. its such a great resource, and countless blue chips (as i heard them say ALL the time) I remember appeared on Model Of the Week.

And yeah, the victoria secret models may be the most well known for common folk, but they aren't top to me.