Thursday, January 3, 2008

Joe Lally

When Joe Lally isn't working Creative for Steven Klein he's busy shooting cute boys. I love his stuff. It's young fresh and always looks like the guys are having fun.


MR style said...

wow, terron looks so laid back here ! it's like he's 16 !! so cute ! by the way, can u check my latest pic please ?! i know i'm botherin u but u'r a professional and i guess when u'r not one, u need people opinions so please can u do it ?

Anonymous said...

i love the graphics in this photo:)

Lynn & Horst said...


joe lally is my idol!
for me, he defined male sexuality.

MR style said...

oh thank u so very much for what you did for me !! i knew it ! you're so kind
well i am going to post more picture of her in a bollywood way
i'd like your opinion on that too !! (not again !!)
hope it's gonna be ok !! please !?
have a good day !!

Bryanboy said...


terron is my #1 weakness. he used to be my desktop wallpaper!!!! LOL