Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Google Analytics

So this is interesting. Turns out with my blogger account Google provides free site-tracking. With Google Analytics you can pretty much learn everything there is to know about who and how many people pass through here daily, weekly, monthly- what browser they use, what other blogs they frequent and for how long...pies, graphs, charts. It's insane.

Apparently, second to the U.S. in visits, my numbers are highest in the U.K. Followed by France, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia and Japan. The Netherlands are up there as well. The other interesting observation I've made is that second to New York, California has always provided the largest amount of hits for the States and specifically out of LA. That is until recent. Some queen (I guess) is running around the Castro handing out jockstraps that say jdvisiontheblog (or something to that affect) because all of a sudden the Bay Area has just blown up! So WORD! San Francisco.

The most frequently viewed pages on my blog are Reese Rideout, Sally Singer, Tyler K, Demi Moore and Sebastian Jondeau.

Surprisingly Virginia blew up on the radar last week after my Republican Debate post. Which is a little frightening. Can you imagine who and where folks in Virginia learned of my blog following a post about how horrible I think Republicans are? Lets hope there are little closeted queens and fashionistas out in them hills.

Interesting stuff, this Google Analytics site-tracking business.


ron said...

JD Ferguson! I discovered your wonderful blog through bryanboy! I am graphic designer and vman fan. I live in Palo Alto with plans to attend Parsons in the Fall. I am very much interested in possible internship?

Looking forward to speaking to you in late summer!



Anonymous said...

Cheers Mate!

Santosuke Pompadour said...

About the Virginia thing, couldn't you see from which site the visitors came from? That's the thing I use the most.

Modelizer said...

Now I have a new way to obsess over the visitors that come to my blog outside of sitemeter. haha. Thanks JD

veritas said...

im trying it now,it says it may take 24hours to gather the information,but im sure not to many people read my blog anyways,but itll be fun to have to see none the less....