Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Charlotte Tilbury

I met make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury in Europe my second season backstage. And then this past Fall in New York she asked if I would be up for grabbing shots of her throughout the week for media usage. I was thrilled and it not only became a fun way to pass time backstage but I ended up getting a variety of great shots...giving interviews, working on the girls, out on the town.

Last week I met with a Japanese Editor who mentioned how much she loved one of my shots they had ran of Charlotte with the Rodarte girls. "You know about Charlotte Tilbury right?" she asked, "She has very groovy parents and was raised on an island in Ibiza. That's why she's so open and cool."

My first thought was how crazy it was to hear this small Japanese woman using a word like "groovy" and then I thought about what she said and it made total sense, because she truly is special.
I love Charlotte Tilbury.


Anonymous said...

She's a darling. A true British rose.

Anonymous said...

What a pleasant surprise to log on to your blog and see one of UK's pride and joy.

Everyone that encounters her falls in love!!



Anonymous said...

Love Charlotte, Love Pat McGrath!

The Brits rule backstage ; )