Friday, December 7, 2007


Got a call from my buddy John Tan over at Anthem for another laid back fun shoot. Like the Coney Island story we did the only pre-requisite was that it be fun. The idea was "After Hours" with a group of young guys runnin' around the Upper East Side in tuxes after a late-night of partying. It was a lot of fun and went late in to the night. Hope you like!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I went to High School with Josh! lol. Back then people use to call him Amsterdam. WOW.

MR style said...

the clothes are really interestin ! love those tuxedos

Lynn & Horst said...

the nealon pic is great
the balloon
the glasses
the colors

geena said...


You always capture the fun qualities of whoever you are photographing

The models all seem to relax with you
(especially the boys):)

3rdWorld Stylist is RCXY (ahr-see) said...

nealon me likey