Monday, December 31, 2007

Lara Stone

How beautiful is Lara Stone?

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Cheer

What a week! After a fabulous Christmas day with Gaspard and Peter I've been fast at work getting my apartment packed up and ready to head down to Miami for winter. The always fun Mickey Boardman showed up this morning with not only a cute porn star (who was needing to be photographed) but a Christmas gift followed by a nice goodbye breakfast before heading out. Thanks guys for a great last couple days in NYC!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Before heading off for a much deserved Christmas break, I thought I'd leave you all with a little holiday cheer. Britney's appearance on The Tyra Banks Show. Merry Christmas! See ya'll in the New Year!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


For all you Ambrose fans out there VMAN has preview shots of him from their Spring issue on their website. Photographer Andrew Burmeister spent a day with the little hunk from morning to night and you can get a feel for what's to come. People go crazy for Ambrose.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


After an "emergency landing" on JetBlue Monday night (that's a whole other post) I finally made it safely to set for my Tuesday morning model gig. I'll do two days and be back in NYC Thursday just in time to pack up my apartment and head back down for winter (Oh ya, I've decided to spend Jan/Feb/Mar down in Miami) and not soon enough! I was SO happy to spend the day in the sun and lounge in a big phat luxury-liner of an RV watching movies one after the other until being called for my next shot.

The crew were all very cool, all from California and all women. I had a "daughter" that looked like Uma Thurman (though she kept saying Cindy Crawford) and she was so cute letting me know why she would end up being a famous actress after her big debut in Ace Ventura 3. Kids are so funny. Unfortunately, being from out West, they were all major non-smokers so whenever I pulled out a cigarette they would all gang up on me and tell me how stupid I looked.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I barely made it through last week's holiday parties before shoving off to Miami for a couple days work. My last and final night out was Douglas Perrett's COACD party which is always a blast. Great spread of food, good bubbly, all the cute kids.

Got to play with some of my faves- Gaspard, Peter, Samuel, my old girlfriend Taylor from DNA. Because Douglas never lets me take his picture your getting his infamous board of models and the usual never ending Veuve that has become a staple of his parties. Thanks for a fun night Queen! And Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Mike Biserta

Guess who's back? Everyone's favorite FDNY calendar boy turned "Guys Gone Wild" star Mike Biserta and his huge schlong. Evidently he's going to be a model. I feel a casting coming on.

Look for more pics of Mike later in the week!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

V Christmas

Hoofed it uptown to celebrate Christmas with the V crew. Each year Executive Editor Julie Anne Quay opens up her home and serves us all up an amazing night with great food. The whole gang comes, they do Secret Santa, little karaoke action, there's always a fun cake with the latest cover on it...always a good time!

Cecilia, Greg, Aoife, Kyra, Pippa, Bollen, Bartley, Stephen, James...the whole gang and little Penel. The only thing missing was Jorge and Giorgio who had "meetings" and Ms. Molloy who was in London. Merry Christmas Guys!

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D&G Time

I'm loving this D&G Time commercial that's running at the moment. I was passed out on the couch the other night and looked up to see two boys making out on my screen and couldn't believe I was watching American television. Of course it's harmless but for the rest of the nation I guess it could be a little risque'. Well done D&G!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Toys for Tots

Got dragged to a Toys for Tots benefit the other night and happen to have my camera. It was held at David Barton Gym and as fun as it was to see Suzanne Bartsch in all her glory, it was crazy packed. I walked in, was told to put my camera away and walked out. It's a great organization though and you should have seen how many gifts they received.

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Hilary Rhoda

I love Hilary Rhoda. I remember James Kaliardos found her and the next thing I knew she was doing Balenciaga. She's such a classic.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Google Analytics

So this is interesting. Turns out with my blogger account Google provides free site-tracking. With Google Analytics you can pretty much learn everything there is to know about who and how many people pass through here daily, weekly, monthly- what browser they use, what other blogs they frequent and for how long...pies, graphs, charts. It's insane.

Apparently, second to the U.S. in visits, my numbers are highest in the U.K. Followed by France, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia and Japan. The Netherlands are up there as well. The other interesting observation I've made is that second to New York, California has always provided the largest amount of hits for the States and specifically out of LA. That is until recent. Some queen (I guess) is running around the Castro handing out jockstraps that say jdvisiontheblog (or something to that affect) because all of a sudden the Bay Area has just blown up! So WORD! San Francisco.

The most frequently viewed pages on my blog are Reese Rideout, Sally Singer, Tyler K, Demi Moore and Sebastian Jondeau.

Surprisingly Virginia blew up on the radar last week after my Republican Debate post. Which is a little frightening. Can you imagine who and where folks in Virginia learned of my blog following a post about how horrible I think Republicans are? Lets hope there are little closeted queens and fashionistas out in them hills.

Interesting stuff, this Google Analytics site-tracking business.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Charlotte Tilbury

I met make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury in Europe my second season backstage. And then this past Fall in New York she asked if I would be up for grabbing shots of her throughout the week for media usage. I was thrilled and it not only became a fun way to pass time backstage but I ended up getting a variety of great interviews, working on the girls, out on the town.

Last week I met with a Japanese Editor who mentioned how much she loved one of my shots they had ran of Charlotte with the Rodarte girls. "You know about Charlotte Tilbury right?" she asked, "She has very groovy parents and was raised on an island in Ibiza. That's why she's so open and cool."

My first thought was how crazy it was to hear this small Japanese woman using a word like "groovy" and then I thought about what she said and it made total sense, because she truly is special.
I love Charlotte Tilbury.

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Monday, December 10, 2007


My friend Juliano down in Rio (who has the steamiest blog on the net) is smart to turn his connections to the fashion world and accessibility to hot sexy Brazilians in to a business. Makes total sense. He's come out with a line of swim wear that offers sexy design with fun colors and I couldn't decide if I wanted to wear it (as scary as that sounds) or photograph it.

The line is called Butch and works perfectly with his Made In Brazil website. Vincent de Paolo shot his SS 08 Collection which can be seen at

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Friday, December 7, 2007


Got a call from my buddy John Tan over at Anthem for another laid back fun shoot. Like the Coney Island story we did the only pre-requisite was that it be fun. The idea was "After Hours" with a group of young guys runnin' around the Upper East Side in tuxes after a late-night of partying. It was a lot of fun and went late in to the night. Hope you like!

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

What Up? Irina Lazareanu

I have no idea how to refer to Irina anymore. Gal Pal? Fiancee? Muse? Musician? Model? The possibilities are endless. However it is her latest role as target for the British Press that has her finding solace in her music and wishing no one knew her name at all.

Irina Lazareanu captivated the fashion world with her unique beauty and quirky style and has remained a favorite of such designers as John Galliano and La Lagerfeld himself. In fact, as your reading this, she and buddy Sean Lennon are in London opening Karl's big Chanel blowout, which I'd say is not a bad way to debut your first LP. Highly anticipated LP, I might add, and I am happy to report that it's quite good.

I got a text from my buddy Peter over at Marilyn saying "Guess who's in town?" So knowing how brutal her schedule is I thought I'd pop over for a home cooked meal and see if I could find out what she's been up to as of late. And good thing I did because not only does she serve up a mean lasagna but she had a lot to say.

I love Irina. She is a free spirit, a gifted soul and she deserves all the adulation that has come her way because she works her ass off.

So what's up Rini?
JD Ferguson: Where the hell have you been?
Irina Lazareanu: Watching Dirty Dancing and eating lasagna.
What's up girl?
IL: Not much, releasing this single on the 6th , finally, which has been postponed for a couple months because of work. And un-wanted press. (laughs)
Oh my god the fucking press have been hounding you. What does that feel like?
IL: Uh...hate the fuckers.
So is New York a refuge for you right now?
IL: Well I've just been rehearsing a lot for the gig with Sean, but ya being out of Europe certainly helps.
Oh right, you are opening Karl's show for Chanel in London next week. How did that happen?
He had a copy of our single at a shoot we were doing a couple months ago and he liked it and just asked me if I wanted to sing at his show.
That's fun.
IL: Can I say something else about the press?
Ya girl, you can say whatever you want.
I just don't get why the fact that I'm either getting married or not or divorced three times this week or not is anyone's business. Pete [Doherty] nor I have said anything or made any statements to the press about anything. Especially this week they've just been inventing things constantly, following us around in the country in Wilshire, it's exhausting. And harassing my parents!
IL: Ya I had to change my parents number twice.
That sucks. Were you ever prepared for any of that? Like I saw you on BBC last week. How weird is that?
It's just so...I don't know, I know it's cliche' to say but there's so much going on in the world right now and harping on meaningless information that feels like it should be no-one else's business. I don't get it.
JD: Well it is cliche', that, but I guess (obviously) no-one can understand that unless it's your life that it's happening to which would just be so surreal. I guess it gives you an appreciation for what people who are stalked by the paparazzi go through and what that actually feels like.
IL: It's just crazy that people are running around not only thinking about, but then making stuff up about what I'm doing in my private life?
So how do you ultimately deal with it?
I guess I just throw myself in to my work my music with Sean and try to keep it real.
And modeling? How does your time breakdown between modeling and music now? Are you still crazy busy?
IL: I took some time this season to take care of some personal issues and to spend time with my second half which I never did before and things piled up on me and I really just wanted to write and finish this project.
JD: So has music always been your thing?
IL: Ya always. Since I can remember it's been a huge part of my life.
Have you cut down on bookings at all since I saw you last?
IL: Yes, for the last two months I've done a couple jobs here and there but I'm just really trying to slow down. Sometimes you go so fast and things get away from you and you forget about the important stuff.
But wait so as a teenager in Montreal you fled to Europe to be a model?
IL: No I was studying ballet.
IL: Ya but you know what everyone's heard this a million times already it's come up in so many interviews. It's funny cause you try not to repeat yourself but it's always the same questions.

Oh no! I don't want to be like one of those little hoards of Japanese people I see backstage shoving a mic in your face asking you ridiculous questions. Actually
tell me the list of your top 5 most annoying questions you get, come on you've heard them all...about your iPod and all that shit the same ones over and over, no?
IL: Oh god, ya...your all time favorite shopping places, what your wearing, what do you think about the collection, black is the new white, cut my bangs, feathers, chiffon, stiletto blah blah blah...
always the same questions. Want some more lasagna?
So will you do anything fun for yourself after the Chanel gig?
There's a Zeppelin reunion on the 10th I wanna do and then I'll just hang out with Peter and the band.
JD: Do you and Pete hang out and play and sing and write? Like is that a big part of your connection?
IL: Ya I think its pretty much all we ever do.
That's cool.
IL: He started me in the whole music thing.
Did he teach you to play the guitar?
IL: Ya.
Is that Johnny Cash on the wall?
Yes! And June. I'm so proud of it. It's a Jim Marshall, who I love. I got it at Morrison Gallery and I've got a bid on a Bob Dylan over there right now. It's either Dylan with Joan Baez or just Dylan in the East Village in 1963.
JD: What are you listening to these days?
IL: I'm really in to the 80's right now. It's been a hard period lately and I feel like it's uplifting. The 80's feel very light and fun. Like Journey, Boys of Summer, Don escape music.
What's Kate up to?
I don't know I hope she's happy. Next question.
Okay, when are you and Pete tying the knot?
Oh my god your too much. That's why you get hounded cuz you wont tell anybody anything.
I shouldn't have to. I don't ask you about your personal life though you tell me anyways!
Alright let's watch another movie.
IL: I've got Badlands, Sleeping With The Enemy and Happiness.
JD: Happiness? Pervert.
IL: Your the pervert.

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Kerry Degman

I love these shots Joe Lally did of newcomer Kerry Degman. Kerry lives in Oregon but he'll be arriving in the city soon and he's with Major Models.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I'm loving this digital pocket camera I bought. You can pretty much pull it out and shoot anytime you're doing anything. Like when I popped by Marilyn the other day to work on a casting.

You WORK Peter Cedeno.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Damien Crosse

I haven't seen Damien Crosse since last Spring when I shot him for the porn star series. He packs MAJOR heat and he's very chill. He'll be at The Cock Wednesday night and don't think I won't be there.

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Monday, December 3, 2007


Wilhelmina celebrated 40 years last Thursday night complete with a performance by Fergilicious herself, who was very cool. Unfortunately our pre-arranged "backstage with Fergie" (which she was thrilled about) fell through, but I didn't mind as the house was packed with wall to wall hot men.

Played with Mark, Alex and Gabriel. Owen Steuart, Romulo, Beverly Johnson, NASCAR's Jeff Gordon (also repped by Willy), Tyson Ballou, Justin Chambers, LL Cool J, Petra Nemcova, Maryna Linchuk, Veronica Webb and many more. Enjoy!

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