Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WheRe ThE LigHtS EnD

I am still blown away by the amount of exciting young blogs I keep finding out there. And unlike many, who seem too insecure to give props when they're due, I love sharing them with you. From the latest jewelry designs to favorite editorial or fashion icon, WheRe ThE LigHtS EnD offers a fun and eclectic array of all that is fashionable. Check it out!


..... said...

what an honour, thank u so very much ! i am really pleased cause i'm spendin so much time on findin out what can be cool or not ! so thank u for helpin me ! by the way i'd love to have your opinion on my pictures because you're a photographer and i really need the point of view of an artist
my pics doesn't show sexy guys, naked boys or any hot stuffs like that but i truly think they have somethin real ! so i'd like to know how do u find it ?

Julia said...

interesting that you choose a photo of kate moss by ryan mcginley for this post. hmmm

Anonymous said...

You find that interesting? It's a beautiful image why wouldn't he choose it?