Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sunday on the Beach

Started the morning over at the boys place before heading to the beach for pick-up shots on Pedro and Brenno. Saturday was overcast and as much as I was hoping to have a free beach-day before heading back to New York, I was thrilled to have a quintessential sunny South Beach Sunday. The light was amazing and really added a much needed element to my story. Thank GOD!

Brenno was a complete joy to work with all day and was so in to it that I can't wait for him to see the shots printed. Little Pedro was tired from his Saturday night out, as you are when your young and in South Beach living as a model. He's going to do really well so I was happy to capture such amazing shots of him.

Spent the rest of the day chillin with my Zig-Zags and iPod. After much sun and a lot of fun we were starving so we walked over for some Diner action and on the way stopped to watch local Capoeira. All and all a great way to end a crazy week. New York here I come!


..... said...

please mr ferguson, tell me what kind of sports are they doing to look so great shirtless ? what kind of work out ?

LYNN and HORST said...


(by the way: what's this uniqlock about? do the girls show different figures depening on the time???)

underneath said...

Are you sure you don`t nead an assistant to arrange the trunks on the guys? I`m available. It looks like you are having a great time!