Friday, November 16, 2007

South Beach- Day 2

Oh my god I've been crazy. Ran my twat all over the beach today casting guys for a Speedo story I'm doing. Found this little hottie at South Beach's latest addition to the agency roster, Front Mgmt. which Christian Alexander started. Unfortunately all my pics are on my Mac and I'm exhausted with trying to size these on my friends PC, so as I have an early call time in the morning I'm going to tease you with this boy and go to bed.

There will be plenty more to come. I'm sure all of you are sick of seeing pics of me but don't worry tomorrow is my last day on set. I'll be shooting boys all weekend and then back in the city on Monday. Hope your enjoying this blogging from the road. I never wanted this blog to be one of those "Today I..." blogs, but for now I'm afraid it's the best I can do.


Anonymous said...

are u going out tonight?

Lynn & Horst said...


that sounds promising
so i'm really looking forward the results of your trip.

(what a luck, that there is speedo...)

IT IS WHAT IT IS said...

hey jd
i rep him he is with MAJOR
jeremy santucci
going ot be major

MR style said...

he's seems handsome and his body is gorgeous, i'll love to have the same