Thursday, November 15, 2007

South Beach- Day 1

Hit the sand running and popped by Elite to see my favorite booker EVER Steve Wimbley (the one responsible for getting me back on the horse), so he could do some Polaroids and I could get the details for my first day back on-set. Stevie used to take care of me back in in the day over at Michelle Pommier and then later Wilhelmina and has recently moved over to Elite. Agencies don't matter to me, good agents do.

Headed down to South Point just in time for lunch before playing kid wrangler/babysitter for my first shot. Oh and FYI- kids LOVE me. Kids and dogs are sort of my thing. I don't know, it's like they think I'm a clown or something and all the moms always end up saying "Your great with her, here take her," and then they go sit in their min-van and leave me to watch their kids. Happens every time.


IT IS WHAT IT IS said...

You are effing HIGH larious

geena said...

OH MY GOD JD!! U R hysterical!
How much do you charge for babysitting?

Anonymous said...



Mans said...

So cute.. I love that hammock shot.