Thursday, November 1, 2007

V Halloween

V's Halloween party hosted by Stephen Gan and Gemma Ward at the Grammercy Hotel f*cking rocked! Like serious party. First time I've been out Halloween in like 15 years and I had a total blast. These pics are just a teaser of what's to come. Go to Fright Night for a complete slide show.

Everyone was there my god. Andrea Casiraghi, Gemma, Stephen, Cecilia and David, Mario Sorrenti, Josh Hartnett (who is SO hot in person), Chloe Sevigny, Julia Roitfeld, Behati, Benjamin Cho, Genevieve Jones, Keeghan, Brad Kroenig, Hilary Rhoda, Lauren Davis, Jay Massacret, KT Auleta, Kate Sennert and tons more I'm sure I'll realize later.

Oh and look for James Kaliardos starring as Donatella Versace! (Who sent him three dresses upon hearing of his plan). SO much fun!


Anonymous said...

Thx for labeling my picture Meghan Collison and friend. lol luv the blog JD!

veritas said...

omg that party has to be the best halloween party to have happen,im delfinitly going to check out the other photos...........