Wednesday, November 14, 2007

South Beach

Hey! Word! So guess who's down in Miami all week? And UN-like last week's attempt at "Live Blogging" from Paris, I'm fully prepared to cover each day with my new digital camera. I've recently started taking direct bookings as a model and figured since I was down here working I'd schedule a few extra days and knock out a shoot as well.

Yes that's right, many of you may not be aware but I actually used to model. And like everyone else in the 90's I too bought a place on South Beach. For 8 years I would winter here and it was not only a good gig but my own personal haven. One I thought would last forever. That is until, like everything, word got out and it became overrun with white trash. I would spend six months on the road in Europe and the other half working for American clients like
Land's End, J.Crew, Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean. I was like the catalog King. Seems crazy now.

In addition to being back in front of the lens, I'm looking forward to doing some castings and seeing what Miami has to offer these days. It's very surreal to be here. Everyone I knew is gone and it feels like a ghost town. Oh and "Yes" to all my friends freezing their asses off in New York, I am once again enjoying being able to rub in your noses that I'm on the beach and your not!


Bryanboy said...


i seriously laughed.


Anonymous said...

I miss the old Miami...:)

david jon said...

im in miami jd. we should meet up. any big plans?

email me if u want to hang out: