Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What Up? Chad White

Believe it or not, I've only just met Chad White as recent as backstage Perry Ellis and I fell absolutely in love with him. I even sent his agent Jason Kanner (who has played a major role in his career) a text telling him so. "I know...that voice," he replied. Sure he's got an amazing ass and a great set of abs but with Chad, it's so much more than that. With his beautiful smile and kind voice he is one of the sweetest people I've ever met.

Raised in Portland, Oregon, Chad's dreams of playing for the major leagues came to an abrupt halt with the injury of an elbow. With his sites set on the Navy, a chance phone call left him not only destined for greatness but working with some of today's most influential photographers.

And work he does. In addition to walking the catwalk for some of the world's most prestigious designers, Chad also devotes time to helping out when and wherever he can. Thus making him not only one of today's most sought after male models but due to his charity work for the gay community and AIDS research, somewhat of a gay icon.

He is shy, humble and FYI the magazines do not do his body justice. We love Chad White!

What up Chad?
JD Ferguson: Okay Chad, time for the 64 million dollar question. Gay or Straight?
Chad White: Straight.
JD: So there's no way I can talk you in to having sex with me?
CW: Nope.
JD: Would a six pack of Pabst help?
CW: Maybe Heineken.
JD: Okay we'll come back to that. So your from Portland?
CW: Yep, Portland, Oregon.
JD: And your how old?
CW: 23
JD: And when did you start modeling?
CW: I started my senior year in high school working for Nike. I was pursuing baseball as a dream.
JD: Oh ya, weren't you like a known "up-and-comer" headed for the major leagues?
CW: Ya, I was under the wing of a retired major leaguer who was sort of my mentor and he started grooming me in that direction until I hurt my elbow. I started modeling more seriously as way to pay for the surgery.
JD: So did you know enough to say, "I have to get to New York if I wanna make it big," or how did you get back east?
CW: Well I joined the navy at that time.
JD: What!? The Navy? That's hot.
CW: Well I was drinking and partying a lot so I needed a little structure and discipline and I thought that would be a good way.
JD: Okay so how did you go from the Navy to being Steven Klein's muse?
CW: (laughs) Uh, Jason Kanner had seen Polaroids of me and called me the day before I was shipping out.
JD: No way, talk about destiny.
CW: Ya.
JD: So Jason Kanner literally saved you from the military. Are you happy with the way it's all worked out?
CW: Ya, it's a dream come true.
JD: And besides your obvious good looks, you have won over fans by donating your time for charities. How did you fall in to that?
CW: Well my booker Jason is one of my best friends in New York and whenever he comes to me and presents opportunities to give back I'm always all for it.
JD: So you are obviously aware that you have a huge gay following. How does that feel?
CW: I'm honored. A fan is a fan gay or straight, it's all the same to me.
JD: Well I think it's admirable that your so open and supportive.
CW: I know a lot of models that are one way with people and then when we walk away [from jobs or castings] its a different story. They are friendly when they need to be and then talk a lot of shit, which I don't agree with. I grew up in a very open-minded household. My mom always taught me not to judge people and if I ever did my dad was there to whoop my ass (laughs). I don't get the whole discrimination thing. People have always just been people.
JD: So what are you in to?
CW: Sports. I like all kinds of sports and outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking and walks on the beach..(smiles)
JD: Oh shit.
CW: (laughs) I'm a total thrill seeker bungee jumping, skydiving, roller coasters, I love all that.
JD: Are you living in the city now?
CW: Ya, I cant live anywhere else. I love new york.
JD: Well you seem to be very big in Milan. Do you enjoy doing the European circuit?
CW: I love the shows, the castings are boring though.
JD: Well your such a name, do you even have to do castings anymore?
CW: Sometimes, depends on what it is.
JD: Speaking of Steven Klein, have you enjoyed all the work you've done together?
CW: Hell ya. I love Steven, he's an amazing photographer and a total perfectionist. I'm grateful anytime I get to work with him.
JD: And who else have you worked with?
CW: Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Arnaldo Anya, Mr. Joe Lally...
JD: That's quite a group. Any favorite shoots that stand out in your mind?
CW: Well of course L'uomo Vogue with Steven is up there and the story I did recently with Meisel for Vogue was a lot of fun.
JD: Well thanks for poppin' by Chad, it's always nice to see you.
CW: Thank you for having me its a pleasure.
JD: So if we were on a deserted island with no girls in sight, you still wouldn't have sex with me?
CW: (laughs) I don't think so. That's funny though and I appreciate your tenacity.
JD: OH! One more thing. How do you like shooting nude?
CW: I don't mind at all. I think America's hang-ups about sex and nudity are ridiculous, it's not like that in Europe. Gladiator is my favorite movie, the Romans and all...I love how they held nudity in such high regard with the statues and art. That's how I view shooting nude, it's art.


chris said...

two of my favorite people: chad white AND jd? what more could a fag ask for?

Anonymous said...

NO YOU Di'nt!
Chad White is MA-jor!

IT IS WHAT IT IS said...

oh yes she did

Bryanboy said...


is chad white really THAT nice towards the gays?

i can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Come on chad, how can you be that straight!! Say yes!

Anonymous said...

he's so gay - LOVE him. give him another five years and he'll be giving you a different answer. :)

Anonymous said...

straight...haha right

Anonymous said...

Blah i knew he was straight you can tell! Ah well haha