Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Bitch

I guess the beauty of having your own blog is that you can write (or bitch) about whatever you want, when you want. Today, it's how I'm being raped trying to get my expired passport renewed. Seems simple right? Millions of people do it each day, I'm sure it's an easy process. NOT!

Basically, if I go online and try to do this via the Internet and select the "non-rush twenty business day option," I can renew for a low $60. However, that is just the agency fee. Now tack on the $20 shipping fee and the good ole US of A's $160 and there you have it. It now takes $240 to renew your passport. When did this happen? It didn't even cost $50 when I got my last one ten years ago!

Apparently if I opt to do it locally, here in the city, that's an eight-month "backlog". Can you imagine? Eight months to get your passport? So you either have to spend the two-forty through the web or your forced to wait eight months. F*cking ridic!

And I don't wanna give them back my old one! I love my passport. It's like the last ten years of my life spent all over the world.

There. That's my bitch.


Alex said...

you get your passport back, they just put a hole in it

cj said...

You know jd, its amazing what can our government can get done for you with a little grease for the palms!

Also, you could be dishonest and say you lost it. I know someone else who went that route. *L* They can have it out of my cold dead hands!

Bryanboy said...

Blame Bush. He really is the devil.

I could get my passport renewed in a week and I'm here in the third world.

Bryanboy said...

$240 is wayyy too excessive.

Also, it's refreshing that you get to bitch online. hahahaha! ;)