Friday, October 12, 2007

Tom Ford

“I complimented their cocks in the shower. I told one guy, your cock is really good; mine is usually bigger than this. And he said, 'Oh, it’s just the water—go stand under the shower.' If you behave that way and you respect people, I think they get it. They sense from me that I’m not going to give one of them a blow job. I just don’t do that.”- Tom Ford (on his photo shoot for Out Magazine.) What a tool.

Meanwhile, here is a promo for Tom's new fragrance. Though deemed too racy for the American market (Out has even opted not to run it) I doubt those are actually Tom's hands. Since he "just doesn't do that."


Anonymous said...

Such a tool!

Bryanboy said...

I love Tom. I really do. I think he's legendary and totally iconic. Heck, I was a hardcore Gucci girl during my teenage years so he definitely shaped my childhood but man oh man, his ego is something else. Remember his new York store snobbery/elitism brouhaha earlier this year?

I have one thing to say.


underneath said...

Did Terry Richardson do that?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, those are definitely Tom's hands, and guess what? It's the same model from the shower too! The guy is the biggest douche. Totally contrived.

Anonymous said...