Monday, October 15, 2007

Matthew Gray Gubler

I'm still kicking myself for being drunk through my twenties and DNA's Matthew Gray Gubler certainly doesn't help. With filmmaker, actor, artist and model added to his resume, it would seems he's accomplished more at twenty-seven than some of us thirty-somethings.

Photographed by Terry Richardson for both Tommy Hilfiger and Sisely campaigns as well as serving as intern to Wes Anderson (which later resulted in an on-screen role in The Life Aquatic), Gubler now relishes as a regular on CBS' ratings killer Criminal Minds.

He's also quite the little illustrator and his drawings with personal journal can be seen at And if that's not enough, he just directed a video for the Killers. Some people just have it all, I bet he's hung too.


Anonymous said...

haah that last comment is also probably true, he is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Talk about the definition of AWESOME. He ROCKS!