Thursday, November 1, 2007

Major Tech Drama

Thank f*cking god I finally got all the tech issues worked out with this blog. I had received emails weeks ago from PC users saying they were only viewing half the page and then another one today. I called up a girlfriend of mine and she confirmed that yes, when using Internet Explorer (dinosaur) only the left half of the page was viewable.

So here's how you get tech-support from Blogger. Are you ready for this? You can only receive help by posting your problem on a group "Message Board" in hopes that someone out there in the world is bored enough to help you out. Can you imagine, in the year 2007 that's all an online company has to offer? I understand that the entire system is free but there's gotta be a better solution.

Had I known
I was going to have so much fun doing this blog I would've taken Bryanboy's advice and gone with a paid blog hosting service where there is re-course and ability to resolve f*ck-ups. Like over half your viewers only being able to view half your blog.

Now if I can only figure out how to get that JD FERGUSON UNITED STATES removed from the top up there by my photo, the way I had it, I'll be good to go.

1 comment:

veritas said...

i thought it was my computers fault,cause theres some pages i cant veiw right do to my pc issues,thank goodness you fixed it!