Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss's show Wednesday night was off the hook! Everyone seemed rested and happy to not be dealing with all the stress of fashion week. It was like one big party backstage with friends, but dressed up in gorgeous outfits. I got to play with two of my all-time faves Tanya D. and Lara Stone, who the boys could not get enough of.

The casting was amazing. Where else have we seen Sasha Pivovarova lined up with Joshua Walter or Catherine McNeil standing alongside Ryan Taylor? It was like an all-stars mixer. Fionn, Jamie, Mathias, Owen, Michael Gandolfi, and Ford's new French import Julien Q, all suited up in Boss's signature sleek tailored silhouette. Nothin' wrong with that!

And with the usual pack of photographers back in their respective countries I got to enjoy shooting alongside Patrick McMullan, whom I love. And let's not forget the clothes. It was uber-chic at it's finest. Classic Hugo Boss...like the BMW of high fashion. The entire night was so fun and relaxed it didn't even feel like work.

For a complete slideshow of the night go to Vmagazine.com or click New York Boss.

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