Monday, October 15, 2007

Howard K Stern

Okay look! I know this may seem like a random person to write about, but I'd just like to say, Howard K Stern is no more responsible for Anna Nicole Smith's death than any of us who have sat by and "enabled" our addict friends. If you watched Anna Nicole's show (I loved my white trash sister) then you know that Howard was the one loyal friend she had.

Serving as lawyer, keeper and confidant through all her hard times, he does not deserve to be called a murderer or vilified in the media as accountable for her wreckless life. He's filed a 60 Million dollar lawsuit against hooker-turned-talk-show host Rita Cosby and I hope he wins! Poor guy, I feel sorry for him.

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ckmunson said...

Your kidding jd, Howard a friend? While I do agree that Howard did stand by her, but is he a friend? Did you see this one? I am glad I dont have any friends like this - and hope no one else does either!