Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Up? Caroline Trentini

Brazilian bombshell Caroline Trentini has come out of nowhere! With eight seasons under her belt, she has emerged as THE girl of the moment. Blond-hair and blue-eyed, Caroline recently explained to me the diversity of the Brazilian people in both appearances and tastes, as well as how the regions relate to one another.

She is organized, grateful, enjoys her work and is having a great time. Her English has improved since I saw her last and vastly since arriving in New York years ago, with no grasp of the language what-so-ever.

I love Caroline Trentini. I found her refreshingly down to earth and pleasantly self-assured.

What's up Caroline?

JD Ferguson: So Caroline, you've been doing really well. How does it feel?
Caroline Trentini: I
ts been great! I think I am in a really good part of my career now where I know what I'm doing and people are really trusting me in a way which is really nice. I think its great when you can really give to someone and be confident about it.
JD: How old are you?
CT: Twenty.
JD: When did you start modeling?

CT: At fifteen, in Brazil.
JD: Where in Brazil are you from?

CT: The south.

JD: Okay, I have a question I've always wanted to ask. Are Brazilian girls just as crazy about Brazilian boys as the rest of us are?
CT: Yes, I think so. People ask me, "Whats your type?"
and I always say, "Tall Brazilian."
JD: Wow really?
CT: I think it's the energy. It's not even about being good looking it's about a certain light.

JD: And American guys, do they do anything for you?
CT: Of course. I have, you know, many American friends and they are cute too. I find Americans are kind of harder to have fun with because they are shy and Brazilians are much more open as people.
JD: Do you have a boyfriend or do you not have time?

CT: I don't have one. Its not that I don't have time. I just think I'm fine as I am. I have time for my career and friends and family which is the most important thing for me. If a relationship comes, it comes.

JD: I was actually shocked to learn you were Brazilian. Do you get that a lot?
CT: Yes, a lot.
The thing is, people have such an image about Brazilans, that they are only dark-skinned, but we have such a different mix. In the North, like Sao Paolo, you find the traditional dark hair and dark skin and then in the South you have more fair-skin blond, blue eyes.
JD: Well you know, I'm quite popular in the saunas of Rio.
CT: You should go to the ones in Sao Paolo, I hear there's a new one that's amazing. You should check it out and tell me how it is. I have so many gay friends that tell me about it.

JD: So are you ready for show season?
CT: Ya, I'm always ready for work. I think its important to really enjoy what you do and I do. This will be my eighth season.

JD: In a row?
Damn...How do you do it?
Well, you can see both sides of everything that's what I've learned. I try to catch what's good. Meeting new people, going to cool places. There is always bad in everything, I think it's important to always stay with what's good.
JD: Your English has improved so much since last time we spoke, no?

CT: Oh ya definitely. Thank you. I didn't speak any English at all when I came to New York. We don't have second language in Brazil growing up. From travelling, I've learned a lot.
JD: Is there any job or ad that your're particularly proud of or stands out in your mind?
I'm gonna say an Italian Vogue job I did about three years ago. It was a paparazzi story and was really fun. I'm going to keep that story for a really really long time to show my kids.
Well it must've been fun to stand out in your mind from three years ago. Do you go out at all?
CT: I do but it's not really my favorite thing to do. I have a lot of friends in New York and we like to play cards, one is a chef so she cooks. I have a very comfortable routine. People here like to go crazy and I like to have things, more planned. My agency (Marilyn) really knows how organized I like to be and how I like to work.
I do go dancing sometimes to Brazilian dance called Forro. Do you know it?
JD: No, what's it like?

CT: It's like a...you need a partner (motions with arms)...I don't know how to describe it but its really shaky and crazy.
Okay girl, I think we're good. You are still my favorite Brazilian (female) and I can't wait to play with you backstage!
CT: Oh me too, is always fun.
JD: How do you go so long, all those weeks doing shows?
CT: It is crazy, but its my job. The experience, the money and working with your girlfriends it's like a big party. I'm not going to say I enjoy it one-hundred percent, its very stressful and can be very heavy sometimes. But like I said, I just try to stay with all the good parts of it because at the end of the day I'm very grateful and happy with how everything is going.


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Anonymous said...

I love Caroline T. She is stunning and one of my top picks for girls!

Anonymous said...

Any idea when we can expect to see Caroline in Milan? Or is she missing the shows for other work?

Bryanboy said...

she's adorable! her body is amazing! i can't believe she's 20 though. jesus!!

my fingers ae crossed, hoping anna wintour would send her to an actual exotic location instead of making her jump in vogue month after month after month. :)

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What a gem she is. Kudos! With the redundant studio editorials it's almost too easy to forget what a wonderful personality she possesses...come on Anna!

IT IS WHAT IT IS said...

loving her
i think she is such a great model
she is a real mover
d sims and s meisel turn her out


veritas said...

what a fab interview jd!and i think Caroline sounds like the perfect girl,she doesnt party to hard and likes to play cards, and tell her i think she's beautiful! :o)))