Thursday, September 6, 2007

Calvin Klein Party

The Calvin Klein party was off the f*ckin' hook Yo! And not just because I got to talk to, the still hot, Antonio Sabato Jr. or the legendary Michael Bergin. The space was so large and comfortable, with a limited amount of selected guests, there was plenty of room to move about the venue comfortably, complete with posing underwear models in elevated glass cube.

Everybody was there! All my faves from Hillary Swank to Behati Prinsloo, Terry Richardson to Anja Rubik, and so many more! Click here to see all the pics!


Steven said...

I hate you (just a little) for going to the party without me.

I don't Doubtzen it one bit.

romeu from u_mag said...

love raquel :P

Anonymous said...

doutzen, raquel.....
jd you're one lucky dude.
i bought the old V just because raquel was on the cover / the whole transformation section... am i just not a man for admitting that.

Anonymous said...

Doutzen is DELICIOUS.