Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Wooooo, (with five o's-FYI) is a new brand of Mag/Zine and now blog! Wooooo began in 2004 as a side project for self-proclaimed "hack" Jason Crombie. Bored with what was out there, he came up with Wooooo which contains candid conversations with interesting people that are actually insightful.

Whether you're into legendary skateboarders, Parker Posey or indie film directors, this downtown rag covers the gamut and best of all with a sharp wit, sarcasm, and downright righteous attitude! And, there are cute guys involved.

If you're tired of thumbing through one boring interview after another, check out this grass roots alternative that packs a punch of originality and cutting edge content. And HEY! Support a fellow artist, man.

Look for Wooooo #5 in mid-September!

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