Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What Up? Lara Stone

It's ironic that I'm always going on about who my favorite girls are and I've yet to pay tribute to the one that sits at the top of the list. Sure, I've mentioned how laid-back she is, that she's "cool as ice" and of course her photos appear all throughout my backstage coverage for V Magazine. But it is for those same reasons that I just always assumed it was clear, that for me, it doesn't get any better than Lara Stone.

Laying on the couch exhausted from a late night, I was thrilled to learn that my favorite little Dutch girl was not only in town, but right around the corner. She popped by for a smoke and some Thai and we got to catch up on what's been goin' down with Ms. Stone as of late.

So...What Up Lara Stone?

JD: So Lara, I don't know if your aware but I actually wrote about you my first season backstage before we knew each other.
Lara Stone: No way, you did?
JD: Ya, I said I shared a smoke backstage at Calvin with this cool-ass dutch chick.
LS: I didn't see that. The good Ole days:)
JD: A lot has changed for you since then.
LS: Ya it's been crazy.
JD: Crazy good or crazy bad?
LS: Crazy very good. I love being busy.
JD: Well you are crazy, but my favorite kinda crazy.
LS: Thank you dear.
JD: I love that on your myspace page you posted the video of when you infamously "stumbled" at Lagerfeld.
LS: Stumbled? It was a full on fall.
JD: Well I had never seen it until recently, so it makes sense now why you mentioned to me backstage this past spring, that you were scared of the runway. And now I know why. Still scared?
LS: Yes, cuz my feet are too little.
JD: So where exactly are you from anyways?
LS: Mierlo, Holland
JD: How has modeling been for you?
LS: Long
JD: And how old are you now?
LS: 23
JD: Your tits are amazing. What are those 34B?
LS: 34C
JD: What kind of guys do you like?
LS: Hot naughty ones.
JD: So where shall we go eat?
LS: I don't know, we're in your neighborhood, you tell me.
JD: What do you like to eat?
LS: Spicy.
JD: Who's your favorite backstage photographer?
LS: Jim (or James) and Abso. And I like the other blond too.
JD: Uh...I'm sitting right here.
LS: And you. Its never the same backstage without you.


Mason said...

She is a SEXPOT!
Your right her tits are awesome
I love her in the Calvin Klein ads.

veritas said...

laras definitly a hot!,you should totlly put more photos of her up soon.........

Bobble Bee said...

She is THE one. No wonder why Juergen chose her for his images in Ukraine... she has no fear, and that's so inspiring!