Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I am so happy about VMAN 9! I can tell you as someone who used to take part in the process of putting together this savvy biannual, VMAN 9 is special. Not only because with Christopher Bollen now at the helm, it offers a new voice on all that is hip and cool. But breaking from it's proven formula, with this issue, VMAN returns to fresh innovative style and design.

Since hitting the stands in 2003 with it's very first "It's a Boy" issue, design and magazine groupies alike, have followed the evolution of this industry-leading must have. And why shouldn't they? VMAN's style and recognizable detail can be seen in the pages of many of today's top men's magazines.

Whether you are a design fanatic or boy crazy fashion whore, check out VMAN 9 hitting newsstands September 15th.

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