Monday, August 6, 2007

Outtakes: Michael Lucas

Up until recently all I knew about Michael Lucas was what I read in the back of H/X years ago, as a young queen in my late twenties trollin' around 8th Ave. He's come a long way since then and has not only had an impact on the biz that is gay porn, but has made quite a name for himself, all the while turning a huge profit.

Love him or leave him, there's no denying he has single-handedly brought the West Coast-dominated porn industry back East. This sexy Russian impresario not only runs an entertainment company bearing his name but, much to his fans’ pleasure, stars in most of the videos himself.

Michael's Friday post with interview, over at, resulted in a full inbox in the ole Gmail account when I returned home late that night. One asked, "What makes him controversial?" Personally, anyone who seems to evoke opinions from people whenever their name is mentioned qualifies as "controversial," to me. He is infamous for his staunch views about Islam and his obvious disgust with his homophobic homeland, both of which he has been quite vocal.
I respect what he's done for himself and I like people with opinions.

Unfortunately, I was so eager to feast my eyes on that reputation-worthy piece that all of my (what would be) outtakes for Michael ended up being nudes. AND, as I have stated in the past, all nudes are reserved for future book. So...sorry, my bad.

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